Snakehead Outlawz Preseason Shootout

Apr 10 - Apr 10, 2021 | ., MD

27 Anglers | 21 Fish Caught

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    Harvey Hough… 353.8LB
    Ocean City, MD
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    Harvey Hough… 353.8LB
    Ocean City, MD
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    Harvey Hough… 353.8LB
    Ocean City, MD
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    Harvey Hough… 353.8LB
    Ocean City, MD
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Think you caught a lunker?


This is a 1-day tournament to help everyone experience the new Lucky Lunker Tournament Host Platform. Competitors can fish public waters from public launches in MD, DE, NJ, PA, and VA.

Your total score will be the total length of your best (longest) 5 Snakehead. Only public waters and public launches are eligible.

Each registrant will receive a personal code which must be displayed in the picture with fish they've photographed/checked in. This code will be emailed to registrants on Friday night (April 9th).

Get ready for an outstanding Snakehead Outlawz and Lucky Lunker tournament series coming soon! The Snakehead Outlawz series will consist of lots of $$ and prizes for those who dare to compete with the BEST.

To ensure the fair competition, John Kunkel, the CEO and founder of, will be the judge. John and his team will make all the decisions on submitted catches.

No one from Snakehead Outlawz will be involved in allowing and/or disallowing fish pictures. Our goal is fair competition and transparency in all of our dealings. The Lucky Lunker was kind enough to step up and fill that need so our competitors know we compete on an even basis.

A Message From Lucky Lunker:

Jesse James and I look forward to your participation in the First only and Best Snakehead series in our region we will start slow only in four states with a championship at a secret destination, Are you one of the twenty to be invited if you think so follow Snakehead outlawz and or Lucky Lunker on Facebook and Instagram for more details


Catch-Photo-Release (CPR); Any fish that is dead, mutilated or appears to be altered unnaturally will be disqualified. Submit the picture of the fish before you dispatch if desired. Although Snakehead Outlawz promotes catch and release, we are ok with sensible harvesting and stand by anglers choice.

All fish must be caught by the angler registered on rod, reel, line and hook with artificial lures only. No traps, snares, set lines, BOW FISHING or other methods of fishing other than rod, reel and line are permissible, even if legal under state game laws. Violation will result in disqualification from the Event.

In the event of a tie, the biggest fish will determine the winning angler. If anglers are still tied, the 2nd biggest fish will determine the winning angler.

Two anglers may NOT fish collectively under one registration as this creates an unfair advantage.

Eligible waters that can be fished are any Public waters in MD, DE, NJ, PA and VA

Identifier codes will be sent out late Friday Night

All photos are to submitted through under submit your catch and MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THEN 30 MINUTES AFTER LINES OUT

. Nets and grippers (e.g., Fish Grip, Boga-Grip) may be used for landing fish during tournament competition, but grippers must not remain attached to the fish in photos. Violation will result in denial or disqualification of the photo.

Snakehead are an exception to this rule. When handling snakehead for Photos, they may remain on lip grippers so long as the nose of the fish is flush against the fence (end) of the bump board.

Please Click On Down Load Rules Set for Complete set of Rules

Entry Levels

Base Entry Level: Snakehead / Fish Length

  • First Place Prize: $250.00
  • Second Place Prize: $0.00
  • Third Place Prize: $0.00


In order to register, the base entry fee must be paid:

Base Entry Level:

$10.00 before Apr 10, 2021

(Snakehead / Fish Length / Single Catch)

Tournament Winner!
Apr 10, 2021, 19:56 +0000

Lines Out 3PM!
Apr 10, 2021, 19:01 +0000

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Eligible States: MD, VA, DE, PA, NJ
., MD 21222

Dates & Times

Standard Registration
Apr 6, 2021 - Apr 9, 2021

Tournament Dates
Apr 10, 2021 - Apr 10, 2021

Daily Line In and Out
05:30 AM - 03:00 PM

Time Zone
Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Contact Info

Steven Kambouris
Eligible States: MD, VA, DE, PA, NJ, ., MD, 21222


Base Entry Level - Snakehead / Fish Length / Single Catch

Rank Angler (27) Fish Caught (21) Total
32.0 In.
32.0 In.
31.0 In.
31.0 In.
29.5 In.
29.5 In.
29.0 In.
29.0 In.
28.0 In.
28.0 In.
27.75 In.
27.75 In.
25.5 In.
25.5 In.