About Us

The Lucky Lunker was founded with the purpose of bringing like minded Anglers together, to enjoy the experiences of tournaments, shopping and sharing, in one convenient location that is easy to use. Our goal is to have all anglers, amateurs to pros, to have a great experience and enjoy the world of fishing. The Lucky Lunker wants you to have your dream, to fish more!

Our Story

Our founder is John Kunkel. His love of fishing, along with his desire to find an easier way to fish, find quality products and to enjoy the many facets of the fishing world, was the inspiration to form The Lucky Lunker.

John’s desire to make it easier to find unique tournaments in desired locations, to find quality affordable products, make it easy for small and large tournament directors to promote their products, and to support the small businesses is the basis for our platform.

John has fond memories of being off the cost of New Jersey with his father and sister. They would spend endless hours on the weekends out on a boat, fishing for fluke (aka flounder), blue fish, sea bass or sea trout, making memories that last a lifetime. John would spend many other days at a pond fishing for bass, catfish, or anything else that was biting, either alone or with his friends. But, in the 80’s, John and his family weren’t competing with the internet and the many electronics we have today.

As a parent, John wants his children, and your children, to leave behind the electronics and have experiences outdoors with family and friends.